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A Division of A Call to Arms, LLC

Hard To Find Shooting Ammunition

And other related products

Our old site: www.ammo-one.com, and this web-site: ammo-one1.com are divisions of A Call to Arms, LLC, and has been providing hard to find shooting ammunition, collectible single cartridges, older boxes, collectible .22 boxes, sabots, books and etc..  since 1999. 

Our site includes the following;

Single cartridges: rifle, pistol, European, military, rim fire, British, experimental, limited editions and

shotgun shells, sabots, flechettes and more .

Hard to find shooting ammuntion for older and some newer  firearms, grenades, artillery for collectors.

www.ammo-one1.com also provides cartridges to various law enforcement entities including the Boston Police Department and Homeland Security, FBI and many State police agenies for use in training and forensics.

We also offer consultation on ammunition to law enforcement and collectors.

God Bless America, many have died to protect our freedoms and keep us safe, never give up any of your freedoms. VOTE REPUBLIAN !