Definitions of Abbreviations, etc.
Unless "otherwise stated" as boxes, packages, sets or combos, all loaded ammunition is sold as single cartridges. 

Please note:  A loaded cartridge is the case, primer, powder and projectile (bullet). One cartridge is sometimes incorrectly called "one round," "one shell" or "one bullet".

Unless otherwise stated, single cartridges are limited to 3 per order, and .22 boxes are limited to one each per customer; for other packages or boxes you may order more, if available.  Check limitations on each page.
FED:  Federal cartridge Co., REM: Remington Arms Co. , S&W: Smith & Wesson

WIN: Winchester Arms. Co., UMC: Union Metallic Company, USCC : United States Cartridge Co.

FMJ:  Full Metal Jacket, gr:  Weight in Grains, JFP:  Jacketed Flat Point, JHP:  Jacketed Hollow Point
JSP:  Jacketed Soft Point, SC:  Steel Case, SP:  Soft Point

Paper Patched: The actual lower part of a projectile in a cartridge is wrapped with a piece of paper to act as

 a gas seal of the between the barrel and projectile.

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Definitions of Abbreviations, etc.