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1 Clip for Mannlicher M1893 / M1895 rifle, 6.5×53.5Rmm Dutch


One Clip for Mannlicher M1893 / M1895 rifle, 6.5×53.5Rmm Dutch. M.S.¬†¬†Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details

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1 Clip for Mannlicher M1893 / M1895 rifle, 6.5×53.5Rmm Dutch

History of 6.5×53.5 Rmm Dutch Mannlicher:The 6.5×53.5 Rmm Dutch Mannlicher cartridge, also known as the .256 Mannlicher cartridge¬† was one of the first smokeless, small, 6.5mm caliber military rifle cartridges designed by Otto Schoenauer (Austrian Arms-Manufacturing Company or ) for 1890 Romanian trials to find a small bore smokeless repeating rifle. Produce was made by many manufactures. ¬†The cartridge was use in Mannlicher Model 1891 Bolt-action rifle, which was adopted by Romania in 1892 for the Mannlicher M1893 and the Netherlands in 1895 for the M95 Mannlicher bolt action rifles.¬†¬†¬† During the second world war the ball rounds were also produced in Austria with a steel case version with slightly thinner curved rim with “am” factory code on the headstamp and steel¬† jacketed bullet. Production of steel cased cartridges was also done by FN in Belgium (with “ch” headstamp code).¬† The steel cased cartridges were used in captured M95 rifles,¬† Swartzlose machineguns (M.08) and Lewis machineguns (M.20)

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