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10.15x61Rmm Jarmann, Package of 10 Cartridges, no returns.


OUT OF STOCK, One SEALED Package of 10 Cartridges

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Please Note: as it is sealed package, we have no idea of condition of cartridges, no returns if opened! Sold as a collectible package only.

One “SEALED” Package of 10 Cartridges:  Package of 10 (10.15x61Rmm Jarmann by Hoveda. Lab. = hovedarsenalets laboratorium = main arsenal’s laboratory. Norwegian production  Brass case loaded with a FSJ (Full Steel  Jacketed) projectile. The package reads: GEV. PATR. = geværpatroner or rifle cartridges above the Hoveda. Lab. 1894. Note on the head-Stamp are 5 boxes arranged in “X” shape. Sold as a collectible, that is  over 120 years old, may not fire and no returns for case hit by a firing-pin.

History of 10.15Rmm Jarmann  cartridge: The 10.15Rmm Jarmann  is a rimmed cartridge which was introduced in 1881and preceded the Swedish 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser.It was adopted by Norway and Sweden, in 1884, for use in the Jarmann repeating rifle,however only used  until 1894 when it was replaced with the 6.5x55mm  Swedish Mauser.This cartridge is a hard to find item in the USA and long obsolete for over 120 years.

Weight 6.00 lbs