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10mm Magnum (not 10mm Auto) FMJ, One Cartridge


NOT  the 10mm Auto, this is longer 10mm Magnum!

Please Note: in picture above 10mm Magnum on Left vs 10mm Auto on the Right.

For more information see below.

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Please Note: in picture above 10mm Magnum on Left vs 10mm Auto on the Right.  The 10 mm Magnum is longer.

One cartridge, not a Box: 10mm Magnum, Custom Made using new brass with “*∩* 10mm MAG” Head-Stamp loaded with a 105 grain FMJ(Full Metal Jacket) projectile.  Due to legalities loaded with an inert power and will not fire, for display only .

History of the 10mm Magnum cartridge:
The 10mm (AMT) Magnum was introduced in 1992 as a “Proprietary” Cartridge for the AMT;(Arcadia Machine & Tool Inc.) later bought by IAI (Irwindale Arms Incorporated) and now owned by the High Standard Manufacturing Company.
The 10 mm Magnum was used in AMT (IAI) Automag IV pistol.
Basically the 10mm Auto Mag. is a lengthened 10 mm Auto, with a lot more energy.
To my knowledge, no major ammunition company is producing this cartridge for resale, and the owners of the pistol have to load their own ammunition, to bad as it would make a good caliber for the AK platform.


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