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2.) .333 Jeffery Kynoch Pointed JSP, 1Cartridge not a box


OUT OF STOCK .333 Jeffery Kynoch Pointed Spiral  Projectile, Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details.

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Please note: This caliber was used by British Snipers against the Germans in WWI

One Cartridge, not a box: .333 Jeffery by Kynoch in England, very early 1900’s production, with very old “K JEFFERY C .333″ Head-Stamp. PLEASE NOTE: the K looks like a H, but is an old English style K. K= Kynoch and the C = Cordite Powder, and loaded with a  Nickel Plated Copper Spiral Projectile, non-magnetic. The case has 3 projectile crimps in the case. Nice patina on case, a few minor points. Excellent to near mint condition. 100 (+-) years old.

History of the .333 Jeffery, Rimless cartridge:            The .333 Jeffery  or .333 Nitro Express, rimmed and rimless versions were developed by W.J. Jeffery & Co and the rimmed version was introduced in 1908, and the rimless version sometime after that date.In the mid 1910’s the British War Office purchased sporting rifles from British rifle makers in the .333 Jeffery caliber for used by British snippers against the Germans, also making this a military cartridge.  Both the rimless and rimmed versions are obsolete, accept for a few special runs by a few manufactures, but not in some time. Code +5992

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