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.219 Improved Zipper Wildcat , One Cartridge not a Box!


.219 Improved Zipper Wildcat , One Cartridge not a Box! Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details.

Please click on the picture for more detail.

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Please Note: Picture on Right: Left is .219 Improved Zipper, Right is .219 Zipper.

One Cartridge , not a box: .219 Improved Zipper Wildcat produced from Winchester .219 Zipper cases with “SUPER SPEED 219 ZIPPER” head stamp and a oval primer and loaded with 22 caliber projectiles. Projectiles may very JSP or JHP, pictured is JSP.History of the .219 Improved Zipper Wildcat cartridge:The .219 Improved Zipper Wildcat cartridge  was introduce in1937 by P.O. Ackley (  famous wildcatter, gunsmith and marksman of the day).It was made by blowing out the 219 Zipper case and reforming the shoulder to 23.43 degrees,increasing the powder capacity and increasing bullet velocity almost 4000 feet per second, a huge increase for 1937 and today.

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