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.22 Scamp by Colt, Military Experimental, One Cartridge not a Box.


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One Cartridge, not a box: “22 Scamp” by Colt, Military Experimental, very limited, never in mass production. {“COLT” HEAD STAMP } for Military testing, not issued to the public or military, .

The History of the  Colt “22 SCAMP” cartridge:

The Pistol Cartridge were one of a few prototype cartridges and pistols tested to replace the M1911A1 in the early 1970s.

As the requirement for accuracy led to the design of the 22 Scamp Cartridge, it was found the 5.56 caliber rifle cartridge was too hot for a handgun, and the 9-mm parabellum round had too relatively heavy a recoil.

The design team settled on a rimless version of a 22 Hornet as the basis of their new cartridge, leading to the “22 Scamp” design.

Despite positive reviews by military personnel who got to test the “Scamp” Prototype, it was rejected, as the military decided they were not looking to replace the M1911A1 pistol at the time because they were already working on a parallel development – the Personal Defense Weapon.

For the above reasons the gun and cartridge where not put into production and this experimental prototype cartridge is “Truly” Very Rare.

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