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.22 WMR, Win. Magnum Rimfire by Fiocchi JSP 1 Box of 50


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This is NOT .22 Long rifle!

One Box of 50 Cartridges: .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire, aka .22WMR  by Fiocchi of Italy, with 40 grain JSP (jacketed Soft point).

Please Note: Other brands are available and single cartridges for collectors are available, please see related items below.

History of the .22 Winchester Magnum Rim fire Cartridge: The .22 Winchester Magnum rim fire a/k/a .22 WMR or .22 Mag was introduced by Winchester in 1959. Oddly, Winchester took a year to come out with a firearm that used the caliber; now, most all firearm makers chamber it. The ballistics are very impressive for a rim fire with maximum pressure at 24,000 P.S.I. (pounds per inch) velocity from 1,400 to 1910 F.P.S. (feet per second) and muzzle energy upwards to 200 FPI (foot pounds per inch) makes this a great varmint cartridge out to 125 yards.

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