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.22 WRF, 22 Winchester Rim-Fire, CCI, One Cartridge not a Box!


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Please Note: this is NOT a 22 Long Rifle rimfire a/k/a (22LR) and NOT a 22 Winchester Magnum (22 WMR) and NOT 22 Winchester Auto.

One Cartridge not a Box : 22 WRF or .22 Winchester rimfire, special run by C.C.I., now owned by Ammunition Accessories, Inc., Lewiston, Idaho, USA.  3 Diamonds with CCI Diamonds on head stamp, loaded with a 45 grain copper coated H.P. (hollow point) projectile.

Please Note: We may have a limited amount of boxes available, see below in related items.

History of the .22 WRF  Cartridge:

The 22 Winchester rim-fire a/k/a 22 WRF is NOT a 22 long rifle rim fire a/k/a 22 LR and NOT a 22 Winchester Magnum a/k/a 22 WMR, and not a 22 Winchester Auto, a/k/a 22 win. Auto.

This is a 22 Winchester rim-fire, a/k/a 22 WRF which was introduced in 1890 for the Winchester Model 1890 pump action rifle. If you’re buying this ammunition to shoot, AGAIN make sure you’re buying the correct ammunition this is NOT 22 long rifle (22RL) or 22 Winchester Magnum (22WMR)!

The 22 Remington Special is the same cartridge as the 22 WRF

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