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.224-32 FA (Freedom Arms) Wildcat, One Cartridge not a Box.


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In the above, right, lower picture: on (Left Side) .224-32FA vs (Right Side)  .327 Federal (parent case)

One Cartridge not a box: 224-32 FA Wildcat made from new .327 Federal cases necked down to accept .22 caliber projectiles and loaded with a 40 grain Sierra Blitz King bullet. This is live ammunition.

History of the .224-32 FA Wildcat

The 224-32 FA Wildcat  was introduced in 2009 for the Freedom Arms Model 1997 Revolver.

It is produced by necking down and shorting the case of the 327 Federal Revolver cartridge from .32 caliber to accept .22 caliber projectiles.

Described by many as a highly efficient cartridge in the FA revolver, with velocity from 2233 to 2609 feet per Second with 30 to 40 grain projectiles.

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