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.224 Montgomery Wildcat, One Cartridge not a Box.



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.224 Montgomery Wildcat, One Cartridge not a Box.


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Please Note: In the picture for comparision sizes, .224 Montgomery Wildcat cartridge Left vs, .25 Auto cartridge Right.

Please Note: Maximum order on this item is 3 cartridges.

One Cartridge, not a box: .224 Montgomery Wildcat made by the inventor, Mr. Jim Montgomery from .25 AUTO or .25 ACP cartridges reduced to accept .224″ or 22 caliber caliber projectiles, loaded with 40 grain JHP (jacketed hollow point) projectiles.

History of the .224 Montgomery Cartridge:

The .224 Montgomery is a wildcat cartridge invented by Tim Montgomery of the United States in 1990. Case length of 0.62 in” (15.75mm) and an the overall length of the cartridge will depend on the projectile.

Velocity is 1,100 to 1,750 FPS. The cartridge is made by using  .25 AUTO or .25 ACP brass necked down to accept a 224 projectile.

Jim has fired this wildcat over 15,000 times in 26 years with sub MOA groups are common at 100 yards.

These cartridges were made by the inventor.

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