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.277 Wolverine, Jacketed Soft Point, One Cartridge not a Box!



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.277 Wolverine, Jacketed Soft Point, One Cartridge not a Box!


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Please note: in the above picture, the picture on the right, for size comparion: Left .223 vs .277 on Right.

One Cartridge, not a Box: .277 Wolverine, live custom loaded ammunition using new brass with “*∩* 277 WLV” Head -Stamp loaded with 130 grain Hornady JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile.

History of the .277 Wolverine cartridge:

The .277 Wolverine (6.8×39mm) originally started off as a wildcat cartridge developed and marketed by Mark Kexel, President of Mad Dog Weapon Systems.

Brass became available in 2018.

It was developed for the AR-15’s platform rifles and pistols which if chambered in .223 Remington  (5.56×45mm NATO) caliber will only require a new barrel to upgrade/convert any 5.56-based firearm to .277 Wolverine


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