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.30-40 KRAG, .30 Army, New by P.C.I., JSP, Box of 20 Cartridges


.30-40 KRAG, or .30 Army, New Production , JSP, Box of 20 Cartridges. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Box of 20 Cartridges: .30 Army or a.k.a. .30-40 Krag , newly produced  with New new brass(reloadable) with a 180 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile. Loaded to SAAMI Specs.  If any issues, returns go to P.C.I. for replacement, not us

Single cartridges are available for collectors , see in below related items. History of .30 Army, aka, 30-40 Krag Cartridge: The 30 Army is a small -bore rimmed cartridge introduced into the U.S. Military in 1892 for the (Krag-Jorgensen) Bolt Action Rifle which replaced the 45-70 Cartridge.The nick name 30-40 Krag was given to the .30 Army as it was used in the Krag  rifle and was loaded 40 grains of smokeless powder, and was a  30 caliber, so the nick name 30-40 Krag stuck. It was replaced in 1903 by the 30-03 or 1903 Government, before the 30-06 replace the 30-03 in 1906.   It is still used today and a good hunting rifle cartridge.


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