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.30 M1 Carbine (1.) 1939 First Production! Some tranish or Patina*,One Cartridge not a Box!


One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only
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Please note: the cartridges came from the box pictured. The box in picture is not for sale and for reference only

Please note in above  picture on right side for size comparision left is 30 Carbine , right is .32 W.S.L.

One Cartridge, not a box: .30 S.L. M1 (S.L. for Self-Loading, M1 for M1 Carbine rifle) by Winchester, also known as the very first production lot of the 30 Carbine M1. “W.R.A. 30 S.L” Head-Stamp. *Due to age. some patina (tarnish) or minor spots

History of the .30 S.L. M1 Winchester cartridge:

Shortly before the start of World War II app.1939, the U.S. Army started the “light rifle” project and wanted a cartridge greater than .27 caliber with an effective range of 300 yards or more.

Long story short, Edwin Pugsley of Winchester designed Winchester’s entrée for the Army’s consideration and won the bid for the Cartridge for the M1 Carbine rifle.

It was a .30 caliber straight case made by using a rimless .30 caliber version of the older, semi-rimmed .32 W. S. L. (for Winchester self-loading) cartridge of 1905 and produced by trimming down the rims of the .32 W. S. L. and sizing the cases to except .30 caliber bullets.

The first 100,000 cartridges manufactured by Winchester were made by turning down the rims of  (for .32s caliber self-loading) then loaded them with a 110 grain 30 caliber, F.M.J. bullets.

This cartridge became the first 30 Carbine cartridge production lot for use in the M1 Carbine rifle.

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