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.32-40 Winchester by *Ventura Munitions with “VH” H/S, *annealing, One Cartridge not a box.



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.32-40 Winchester by *Ventura Munitions with “VH” H/S, *annealing, One Cartridge not a box.


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One Cartridge, Not a Box: .32-40 Winchester, New Custom Loaded Production for A Call to Arms, LLC using  New “Ventura Heritage” brass cases by * Ventura Munitions of Las Vegas with a “VH 32-40 WIN” HeadStamp and loaded with a 180 grain Lead projectile. Some * annealing dark marks on the cases from the case forming, normal for this caliber.

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History of .32- 40 Winchester cartridge:
The .32-40 Winchester  was introduced as the 32-40 Ballard (black powder) cartridge in 1884 for the Ballard Union Hill rifle and was very accurate for the time, and still is today.
Then Winchester and Marlin introduced the caliber for their single-shot and lever-action rifles in 1886, so it later was known as the 32-40 Winchester.
Other than the Winchester “John Wayne” limited edition cartridges in the 1980’s, it has not been made by the major manufacturers; (Winchester, Remington, Federal)  in many years, and is considered obsolete.

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