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.32 Short Colt, Western Cartridge Co., One Cartridge, not a Box, Obsolete.


Out of Stock, 32 Short Colt by Western Cartridge Co., Lubaloy . more versions below in related items

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One Cartridge, not a Box: .32 Short Colt by the older Western Cartridge Company, with (Then New) Western brass case with “WESTERN 32 S.C.” head stamp and loaded with Lubaloy (Golden) projectile.

History of the .32 Short Cartridge:
It was introduced in 1875 as a black powder cartridge for the new line of Colt revolvers.
It originally had a .313 in diameter outside-lubricated projectile, which was later changed to inside lubrication, leading to a diameter change to a .299 inch projectile.
Colt was the only pistol company to chamber this caliber.
These cartridges were replaced in the ealy 1900’s by the .32 Smith & Wesson Short and Long cartridges.

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