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.35 Remington Auto, REM-UMC H/S, JSP, One Cartridge not a Box. *Not Mint see page.



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.35 Remington Auto, REM-UMC H/S, JSP, One Cartridge not a Box. *Not Mint see page.


One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only. Not Mint see below.
For more versions available of this caliber see below in related items
For more information please see below.

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In stock

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Lower cost due to minor spots.  reduced price as mint sold first.

One Cartridge, not a Box: 35 Remington by Remington-Union Metallic Company, after 1916 Remington bought Union Metallic Company and changed the Headstamp to “REM-UMC” and before Remington changed to “R-P” Head Stamp, which meant (Remington – Peters) after Remington bought Peters ammunition company. Using new brass (at the time) with “REM-UMC 35 REM” Head-Stamp and loaded with the 200 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile.  Some lead oxide on soft point and some spots  due to age, price reduced.

Please Note: Other Single cartridges and Boxes of this caliber are available see below in related items.

History of .35 Remington  cartridge:   

The .35 Remington is one in a series of 4 Remington autoloading cartridges, introduced in 1906 for the Remington Model 8 Auto-Loader rifle.

The 30 Remington was Remington’s “rimless” answer to the 30-30 Winchester, with basically the same ballistics as the 30-30.

The .25, .30, and .32 are the same case with different diameter projectiles, the .35 is a wider case.

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