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.357 SIG, R-P H/S by Remington, JHP, One Cartridge, Not a Box!


One Cartridge not a box
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One cartridge not a Box: . 357 SIG by Remington Arms Company, using new Remington brass cases with “R-P 357 SIG” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 124 grain JHP(Jacketed Hollow Point) projectiles.

History of 357 SIG cartridge:

The 357 SIG was introduced in 1994 in a joint venture between Federal Cartridge Company and Sig Arms Company by necking down a 40 Smith &Wesson to .357 caliber or 9mm.

This created a small cartridge equal to 357 Magnum energy levels in a small semi-auto pistol; however, only the projectile velocity  is better than the 40 Smith & Wesson.


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