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.358 Winchester by Winchester, 200 gr. JSP, One Cartridges not a Box!


NEW production! Mint Condition, No Dents, No Scratches, No Corrosion, No Junk!
One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only.
For more versions available of this caliber see below in related items
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New factory production!  Mint Condition! Not dented, spotted, no corrosion and not JUNK!

One cartridge, Not a box, the box picture is for reference only.

One cartridge, not a box: 358 Winchester by Winchester, “new production” or a special run in 2021 using new Winchester brass cases and loaded with the 200 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) bullet.

For more single versions or boxes of this items see below in related items  

History of .358 Winchester cartridge:
The 358 Winchester was introduced in 1955 for the Winchester  Model 70 bolt-action rifle and Winchester Model 88 level-auction rifle, and later the Model 99 Savage.
Also use in Europe as the 8.8x51mm, but now no rifle in the USA is made in the caliber accept by Browning in the BLR lever-action rifle.
The 358 Winchester is a necked -up (widened) 308 Winchester, or basically a shorten 35 Whelen.
This is a great 35 caliber with energy levels over 3,225 foot pounds, and velocities over 2,700 feet per second, much better then the 35 Remington or older 35 Winchester

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