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.375/50BMG “XL” Widlcat, CNC Solid Projectile, 1 cartridge


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Please note: in the top right picture: Left 50 BMG, Right: 375/50 BMG ā€œXLā€ for size comparison.

One Cartridge not a Box: .375/50BMG ā€œXLā€ Wildcat, made from 50 BMG brass, head-stamps may vary. And loaded, alloy solid projectile, turned on a CNC machine tool machine. (Computer Numerical Controlled).

History of the 375/50 BMG ā€œXLā€ cartridge:

This is the extra long version of the 375/50BMG, as the 375/50 BMG “XL” has a 3.72″ long case, and a different shoulder angle.

The cartridge is being developed by retired United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, Steve “Gunny” Schank, of “Gunny’s Custom Bullets” in North Carolina.

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