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.375 Raptor Wildcat, 270 JSP, One Cartridge, not a Box.



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.375 Raptor Wildcat, 270 JSP, One Cartridge, not a Box.


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One Cartridge not a Box: .375 Raptor, custom made by Omega Rifles, USA using new Federal .308 Winchester cases with “F.C. 308 WIN” Head-Stamp and loaded with 270 grain Speer BTSP (Boat-Tail Jacketed Soft Point) projectiles. We can’t find this on the SAAMI web-site so far as of this writing (10/19/19) so these should be considered wildcat or proprietary cartridges.

History of the .375 Raptor cartridge:
The .375 Raptor  was introduced by Arne Brennan by Omega Rifle Company around 2018.
The .375 Raptor is a wildcat based on the .308 Winchester case necked out to .375″ caliber and the case trimmed to 1.865 inches long and the shoulder angle changed from 20 degrees to 35 degrees.
Quote from .375 Raptor web- site:
“This “permits up to .935 of bullet exposure while keeping within magazine length – required to load the 350 grain Sierra Match King magazine length.”
The cartridge can also be made from .358 Winchester cases and if you wanted to trim the case rim they can be made from .338 Federal rimmed cases.
The 375 Raptor delivers up to 400 yard hunting performance with up to 3600 foot pounds of muzzle energy and retaining over 2000 foot pounds of energy at 300 yards in a typical hunting rifle configuration making it suitable for any game animal found in North America including Deer, Moose, Elk, Bear or Wild Boar.
The 375 Raptor delivers sub one-inch 100-yard accuracy using hunting bullets, while maintaining a terminal velocity of 1800 fps or greater at 300 to 400 yards, depending on bullet and rifle configuration, for reliable bullet expansion.
The 375 Raptor gives you options from 175-grains up to 350-grains with a full range of proven hunting bullet designs from Barnes, Nosler, Speer, Sierra and Hornady.”

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