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.38 auto, 38 automatic, one cartridge, not a box, limit 1
.38 Auto, 38 Automatic, One Cartridge, not a Box.



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.38 Auto, 38 Automatic, One Cartridge, not a Box.


 For boxes and other singles cartridges available in this item please see related items below.

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This is not .380 Auto it is the older caliber, .38 Auto or .38 ACP.  ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol 

One cartridge, not a box –38 Auto, 38 Automatic, loaded  using with new Graf brass and a 130 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile.

for more singles cartridge versions and boxes of this caliber, please see related items below.

History of the 38 Auto Cartridge:

The 38 Auto also called 38 ACP or 38 Automatic was designed by John Browning and introduced by Colt in 1900, for the 1900 Colt 38 Auto pistol. ACP = Automatic Colt Pistol

The 38 ACP was replaced in 1929 by the 38 “Super Auto” which is the “same cartridge case” but with a higher energy level, with newer and different gun powders.

Warning to new shooters: Do NOT use 38 SUPER AUTO or Winchester 9x23mm in a 38 AUTO pistol, as they are to high power for the 38 AUTO pistol. Also you can NOT use 38 AUTO ammunition in a 38 Super pistol as it will not cycle the action.

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