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.38 S&W Sp. USAF, Ejection Seat Actuator, 1 Cartridge not a box.



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.38 S&W Sp. USAF, Ejection Seat Actuator, 1 Cartridge not a box.


Please see below for other versions of  the 38 Caliber Smith& Wesson Special for collectors.
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One Cartridge, not a Box!: 38 Actuator, Special Purpose .38 Special Blank for United States Air Force, .38 Caliber, timed blank for use in for 1950’s to 1960’s early Ejection Seat system.
Very odd looking, squire primer pocket with 4 roll crimps.
The biggest feature on the outside of this very unusual cartridge is the square, four crimp primer pocket. It also has a roll crimp over a manila color wad.
This is a very interesting cartridge. Note the cutaway drawing.  The primer lights the (time delayed) internal fuse, which, in turn, lights the charge and sends hot gas via a flexible hose (attached to the base of the actuator unit), down to the under the seat rocket firing mechanism of the Ejection Seat.

History of the 38 Smith & Wesson 38 Special Cartridge:
The Smith & Wesson .38 Special, also known as the .38 S&W Special, .38 Special, and .38 Colt Special (back in the day) was introduced in 1902 for the Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver.
It was and is still used in many, many different countries for their military and police departments and is considered one of the best handgun cartridges of all time, balancing recoil with takedown power.
Although replaced in modern times by more semi-auto firearms calibers, the .38 S&W Special in a “2″ Snub Nose Revolver” is still considered one of the best concealed carry firearms today in 2016.
That is over 110 years of great service and still going strong. No home or pocket should be without one.

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