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.38 S&W Special by Super Vel Cartridge Corp. 1 Cartridge


.38 S&W Special Super Vel by Super Vel Cartridge Corp., One Cartridge. Please Click on the Title or Picture for more Details. P lease note: Maximum Order on this item is 3 Cartridges per Collector. One Cartridge: .38 Smith & Wesson…

Please click on the picture for more detail.


One Cartridge:  .38 Smith & Wesson Special   a/k/a .38 Special, SUPER  VEL BRAND produced by Super Vel Cartridge Corp. in Shelbyville, Indiana; the first company to produce the Super Vel brand. Loaded with nickel plated brass cases and a 110 grain extremely deep JHP (jacketed hollow point) projectile. “SUPER VEL .38 SPECIAL+P” Head-Stamp. Please note: Maximum Order on this item is 3 Cartridges per Collector.

Super Vel Brand History:

The first Super Vel brand  was produced by Super Vel Cartridge Corp. in Shelbyville, Indiana, USA, formed by Lee Jurras in 1963, who passed away in 1965, then run by his son, Kevin Jurras and  Ernie Wallein until it sold in 1975. The new owner W. Robert Hamilton named the company  H&H Cartridge Company (not the H&H of Holland & Holland fame in England and moved it to Greensburg, Indiana. Later, not sure of the year, the machinery was sold to FPC, Inc. of  Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. FPC, Inc. produced police training ammo, called Super Vel Qualifier until1981. Now, in 2015, the Super Vel brand name is back, being produced by Nevada Cartridge Company in Henderson, Nevada and owned by Cameron Hopkins, the former editor-in-chief of American Handgunner (1984-2001). Information from the Super Vel web-site.

History of the 38 Smith & Wesson Special Cartridge: 

The Smith & Wesson .38 Special, also known as the .38 S&W Special, .38 Special, and .38 Colt Special (back in the day) was introduced in 1902 for the Smith & Wesson Model 10 revolver. It was and is still used in many, many different countries for their military and police departments and is considered one of the best handgun cartridges of all time, balancing recoil with takedown power. Although replaced in modern times by more semi-auto firearms calibers, the .38 S&W Special in a “2″ Snub Nose Revolver” is still considered one of the best concealed carry firearms today in 2016. That is over 110 years of great service and still going strong. No home or pocket should be without one.

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