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.404 Dakota by Dakota Arms, One Cartridge not a Box !


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Please Note: maximum order on this item is 1 cartridge per customer.

One Cartridge, not a Box: .404 Dakota by Dakota Arms, loaded with new Special Lapua Brass case with “404 DAKOTA” Head-Stamp and Dakota insignia. Normally loaded with a 300 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile, however projectiles my vary due to availability.

History of the .404 Dakota cartridge: The 404 Dakota is one of seven Proprietary Cartridges developed by Don Allen, the founder of Dakota Arms in Sturgis, South Dakota.  One of the newer Dakota Cartridges, these come with a .423″, 400 grain Hornady Round Jacketed Soft Point projectile.Although shorter then the 416 Rigby it out preforms the Rigby , with 5,115 foot pounds of  energy and  a velocity of2,500 feet per second.History of the Dakota Arms Company:Dakota Arms in Sturgis, South Dakota was founded in 1987 by Don Allen  and his wife Norma, to produce high-grade hunting rifles based on a design worked up by Don Allen and Pete Grisel. The First Rifle produced was the Dakota Model 76, and immediate success, and was soon joined by other variations, including the Varinter, Model 76 African, Model 76 Custom, Miller Classic, Model 97, Model M-97 Deluxe, and a few more.Don and Pete developed nine great proprietary cartridges, some based on the 404 Jeffery and 416 Rigby cases. Don Allen pasted away in 2003 and soon after, Norma Allen, his wife sold the company. The new owners brought other lines under the Dakota name including  Miller Arms , Dan Walter and Nesika Bay Precision.  Until they sold to Remington Company, Inc. , owned subsidiary DA Acquisitions LLC in June 5, 2009.Still doing very well today 2018, some consider Dakota the make of the finest rifles available today.


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