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.404 Jeffery by Kynoch, minor spots, JSP, 1 Cartridge not a Box!


Out of Stock, .404 Jeffery by Kynoch, Live, minor spots, JSP,  One Cartridge not a Box! Please Click on the picture or title for more information

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One Cartridge not a box: .404 Jeffery or .404 Nitro Express(Live) by Kynoch of England, (Minor Spots on Case) factory loaded with new (at the time) Kynoch  brass with “KYNOCH .404 NITRO” Head Stamp and 400 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point ) Projectile.History of the .404 Jeffery Cartridge:The .404 Jeffery or .404 Rimless NE was introduced by W.J. Jeffery & Company of London, England in 1909 for use in their bolt-action rifles.This cartridge was used extensively in Africa with great success for many decades, and is still used today.Many proprietary cartridges have been produced using the .404 Jeffery base case

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