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.44 Smith & Wesson Russian by Black Hills, Boxes of 50


OUT OF STOCK: .44 Smith & Wesson Russian by Black Hills, Boxes of 50, Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Out of Stock:

One Box of 50 Cartridges:  .44 Smith & Wesson Russian, produced by Black Hills Ammunition Company using new brass cases with “*∩* 44 RUSSIAN”” Head-Stamp and 210 grains Lead projectiles, loaded to black/power pressure, however using smokeless powder.

History of the 44 S&W Russian Cartridge: .44 Smith & Wesson Russian, (a.k.a.) .44 S&W Russian, (a.k.a.) .44 Russian was introduced in 1870 as a black-powder cartridge, for the Russian Model Military Revolver. No Longer made by the larger cartridge manufactures (Winchester, Remington, Federal and now gone Western & UMC) It is obsolete, except for a few small ammunition companies. code 59921

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