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.442 RIC by Eley, One Cartridge not a Box.


.442 RIC by Eley, Vintage 1868/1877.

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One Cartridge not a box: .442 RIC by Eley of England, estimate 1862 to 1877 production, 150 years + old, with “ELEY 442” Head/Stamp and one lubrication groove on a lead projectile. Obsolete for app. 150  years. Clean and Excellent condition. Sold as a collectible, may not fire, no returns.

History of the .422 RIC and 44 Webley  Cartridge:

The 442 RIC or 44 Webley was introduced in 1868  for the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) revolver. It is also known in Europe as the 10.5x17Rmm and 442 Kurz. It was produced in the USA until about 1940.

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