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.45-120 Sharps Straight,  3 1/4″, “JBA” Headstamp, One Cartridge not a Box!


One Cartridge, NOT A BOX!

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Please note: in the above picture on the right, for size comparison; left is 45-120 Sharps, right is Winchester 30-30.

One Cartridge not a Box!

One Cartridge not a Box: .45-120 Sharps Straight,  3 1/4″, custom loaded using then new, (now Obsolete) Jamison Brass cases with “45-120 SHARPS JBA” Head-Stamp and loaded with 500 grain lead projectiles.

For more Sharps calibers see below in related items.

History of the 45-120 Sharps, and other Sharps cartridges:
The Sharps Company introduced the .45 caliber Sharps in 1876, with the first of many lengths being the 2 &7/8″ case length, to 1878 in 45-120 & 45-125 loadings in 3&1/4″ case length.
Sharps closed in 1881
The term 45-110 is 45 Caliber and 110 grains of black powder, other calibers were 45-90 @ 2&3/4″ case length, 45-100 @ 2&2/5″ case length and 2&3/5″ length with 100 grain of black powder, 45-120 in 3&1/4″ case length with 120 grain of black powder and lastly 45-125 in 3&1/4″ case length with 125 grain of black powder.
With the 1990 MGM release of “Quigley Down Under” movie with Tom Selleck, the .45-110’s popularity was reborn and a few rifle and ammunition producers starting manufacturing the calibers again, however, to my limited knowledge, the 45 Sharps calibers are not being produced as loaded as loaded ammunition with the correct headstamp at the the time on this writing, 07/06/2024. There maybe some companies making them from other caliber cases, case formed to the 45 Sharps caliber.

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