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.45-75 Winchester New, JBA H/S, Lead, 1 Cartridge not a Box,


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One Cartridge, not a Box: .45-75 Winchester a.k.a. .45-75 Centennial New Production, using New Brass Cases by J.B.A. with “45-75 JBA” Head Stamp and a 360 grain Lead projectile. Loaded to Black powder pressures, however, use only in rifles in excellent condition only, may not  be for Original Antique rifles, shoot at your own risk.

History of .45-75 Winchester cartridge:  

The Winchester 45-75  Centennial cartridge was introduced in 1876 for the Winchester “Centennial” Lever-Action Rifle.The Cartridge and rifle were used by Theodore Roosevelt and the Canadian Mounted Police It was discontinued by Winchester in 1935.

I consider this one of the nicest looking cartridge ever produced.


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