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.45 Webley by Winchester with “W.R.A.” H/S, Over 75 Years Old yet “Excellent Condition with Patina case and some oxide on bullet” One Cartridge, not a Box.


Near mint, nice *patina started on the cases, a small amount or oxide on bullet, can be wiped off with oiled rag. *see below.
For more version of this caliber, click here: LINK
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Excellent, nice *patina on the case, a small amount or oxide on bullet, if any, can be wiped off with oiled rag.

One Cartridge not a box: .45 Webley by Very Early Winchester Repeating Arms, Company produced,  factory loaded  with “W.R.A. Co 45 WEB. ”  Head-Stamp, a “W” on a Copper Primer and Lead  projectile. Over 75 to 100 years old,

For more version of this caliber, click here: LINK

*Most collectors like the patina (tranish) on older obsolete cartridges, if you do not you can use brass polish, I would not. Corrosion is not patina, it is a dark stain, and if we sell any cartridges with corrosion we will state it on the web-site.

History of the .45 Webley Cartridge:
There is not a lot of information on the 45 Webley, which was introduced as a black-power cartridge around 1875 and written in the 1876James Brown & Son Firearm catalog.
It was also written in the 1933 Winchester catalog for use in the “Webley and Bull Dog double-action revolvers.
The .45 Webley has a slightly longer case then the .450 Revolver cartridge, however the cartridge is interchangeable with most 450 revolvers.
It was manufactured American companies up to 1939 and Obsolete for over 75 years at this writing.

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