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.450 Bushmaster, Remington, Accutip, Boxes of 20 Cartridges


Out of stock for singles cartridges for collectors , please see below.

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Out of Stock:

One Box of 20 Cartridges: 450 Bushmaster by Remington, factory loaded with “R-P 450 BUSHMASTER” Head-Stamp and 260 grain extremely “ACCUTIP” ( Translucent Green Plastic covered Extremely Large Hollow Point) projectile.

Volume Discounts;1 Box of 20 @ $49.95 per Box2 Boxes of 40 (40 Cartridges total) @ $44.95 per Box (save $10.00 over 1 box price)3 Boxes of 60 (60 Cartridges total) @ $39.95 per Box (save $30.00 over 1 box price.)

Please note: Single cartridges for collectors available please see in below in related items.

History of the 450 Bushmaster Cartridge:
Introduced in 2007 by Bushmaster & Hornady, the New 450 Bushmaster (nicknamed the Thumper) is the most radical cartridge ever chambered in production AR-15 pistol & rifle type firearms.
Hornady took big bore performance to the most popular semi-automatic rifle in America opening a whole new world of hunting to the battle-proven AR-15 platform.
Hornady engineers worked closely with the Bushmaster design team building the cartridge to every last ounce of performance from the AR-15 without sacrificing any strength or reliability. Well suited to hunt any North American game, the 450 Bushmaster will quickly become a favorite of bear country guides.
By simply switching uppers, shooters can go from the prairie dog towns of South Dakota to bear country in the north woods!
Note the rebated rim ,which is less diameter then the case, on the case, so the cartridge can be used in a AR-15 with the correct barrel and clips.

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