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.458 HAM’R by Wilson Combat, One Cartridge, not a box.


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Please Note: on above picture on right side: left 458 HAM’R vs. right 458 SOCOM

One Cartridge, not a box: 458 HAM’R , factory loaded by Wilson Combat, using new Starline brass and loaded with a 300 grain RNFP of FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Projectile.

History of the 458 HAM’R cartridge: 

Introduced in 2018 by Wilson Combat, the .458 HAM’R looks to be very close to the 458 SOCOM, with their very rebated rim, however it’s case neck starts 2 mm (or less) down the case then the SOCOM, producing 31% more pressures up to 46,000 PSI and up to 3,000 foot pounds per square inch of energy out of a 18″ barrel.

also 300 Hammer below

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