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.470 Capstick, Kynoch, Limit 1 Cartridge, not a box!


Out of Stock.470 Capstick, FMJ, Kynoch of England, One Cartridge not a box. Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details.

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One Cartridge. Not a Box: .470 Capstick by Kynoch of England, factory produced using new Kynoch brass cases with “KYNOCH 470 CAPSTICK” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 500 grain CPSFMJ (Copper Plated Steel Full Metal Jacket) projectile. The cartridge was designed in the USA , even thought this specimen was produced by Kynoch in England.

History of the 470 Capstick  cartridge:

The 470 Capstick is a huge proprietary cartridge that  was designed by Col. Ardor B. Alphin around 1990.It was named for the famous big game hunter, and author Peter Capstick.It started as a wildcat cartridge, by  necking out the 375 H&H Magnum Case to except .475″ diameter,  500 grain projectiles.It is now made by a very few small ammunition companies, which now makes it a Proprietary Cartridge. 99.92

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