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5.45x18mm Soviet K.G.B, One Cartridge




5.45x18mm Soviet K.G.B, One Cartridge


5.45x18mm Soviet K.G.B, One Cartridge. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Please Note: We are curently  “Out of Stock” if you have this item available and are selling, please e-mail us  at [email protected] or phone us at 207-648-4087 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST,  Maine.

Please Note: This item is listed in Pistol, Metric stock and Military, Pistol, Metric stock

History 5.45x18mm Soviet (K.G.B.) cartridge: The 5.45x18mm cartridge  was used in the Model PSM  (Pisztolyet Szamozaryadnij Malogabaritnyj) small, compact self-loading pistol for concealed carrying by the K.G.B. developed in 1973 by Tula designers, Anatoly Samarin, Tikhon Lashnev, and Lev Kulikov.


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