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.577 Snider, B/P, Early Kynoch, One Cartridge , not a Box!


.577 Snider, B/P, Early Kynoch, One Cartridge , not a Box! Please Click on Picture or Title for more Details.

Please click on the picture for more detail.

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One Cartridge, not the box! The box is for referance only and the cartridges for sale came from the box.

Limited to One Cartridge per Customer.

One Cartridge, not the box: .577 Snider Black Powder Cartridge, very early production by Kynoch of England using (then) new Kynoch brass cases with a “KYNOCH .577.S” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 480 grain lead projectile.

History of the .577 Snider Black Powder Cartridge: The .577 Snider Black Power Cartridge was adopted by the British Military in 1867, first tested and used in converted 1853 Pattern muskets, then a small amount of converted Enfield rifles, and finally the (then) new Snider rifle in 1866.The first cartridges was a cardboard paper body with a metal base similar to a shot-shell, then later to this brass case.The 577 Snider was replaced in 1871 by the 577/450.

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