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.585 *Nyati, “BB” H/S, 650 gr. FMJ, One Cartridge not a Box.



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.585 *Nyati, “BB” H/S, 650 gr. FMJ, One Cartridge not a Box.


One Cartridge, not a box, the picture of the box is for reference only!
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Please Note: Above Picture on the Right Side for size comparison : Left is .585 Nyati, Right,  30-30 Winchester.

Please Note : *Nyati (n-ya-te) means Cape Buffalo.

One Cartridge not a box:  .585 Nyati, “LIVE” Custom loaded for A Call to Arms, LLC (by a license maker) using New Bertram brass from Australia, with a “BB 585 Nyati” Head Stamp with two Kangaroos, and loaded with a 650 grain, FMJ ( Full Metal Jacket) Projectile.

History of the *.585 Nyati cartridge:
The .585 Nyati  cartridge was originally a wild cat cartridge developed by Ross Seyfreid (Guns & Ammo write and famous shooter) by modifying the 577 Nitro Case, and reducing the diameter of the rim, making the rim slightly rebated.
Now brass is being made for this caliber.The 585 Nyati is one of the most or the most powerful “Shoulder-Rifle” cartridges in the world, with over 10,600 foot pounds of energy.
Again*NYATI (N-Ya-Te) means “Cape Buffalo” in many African tribes.

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