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5mm Clement Empty Clip, holds 6 cartridges

5mm Clement Clip for Pistol. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

Please click on the picture for more detail.


One Empty Clip for 5mm Clement cartridges will hold 6 cartridges, not included. History 5mm Clement Auto cartridge: The 5mm Clement cartridge developed and introduced in Spain in 1897 for the Charola Y Antiua” semi-automatic pistol. It was adopted in Belgium around 1903 for use in the Charles P. Clement semi automatic pistol, until the pistol chambered in the 5mm Clement was no longer produced in 1908. Manufacture of the 5mm Clement cartridge by a few manufacturers continued until the early 1930s, making this calibers obsolete for at least 85 years or more at this writing, Feb, 13th. 2017.


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