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.600 N.E. by Kynoch, FMJ, has *Tarnish/ Patina, One Cartridge with the *Box!


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Out of Stock, please see below in related items for other versions of this caliber or Click here: LINK!

One Cartridge, and the Box: .600 Nitro Express by Kynoch of England, older production with “KYNOCH .600NITRO” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 900 Grain FMJ (Copper Coated Steel Full Metal Jactet) projectile. I believe it is also loaded with Cordite Gunpowder. *Starting to Tarnish / Patina on case, can be polished if you like, and bullet, case has 3 (double) bullet crimps. *Box (not mint) but included,

History of the .600 Nitro Express cartridge:
The 600 Nitro Express is the * “Largest English” Cartridge.
It was introduced in 1899 in a (2.8″ long) and later grew to (3″ long): it was never a Black Powder cartridge.
The 600 Nitro Express has a very large 900 grain solid projectile.
* Note: The 700 Nitro was introduced by Jim Bell, (U.S.A.) and is not technically a British cartridge, although Kynoch & H&H of England also made some 700 Nitro, it was design by Jim Bell in the USA. code: 59941


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