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6mm ARC by Hornady, 105gr. JHP, One Cartridge per customer, not a Box!



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6mm ARC by Hornady, 105gr. JHP, One Cartridge per customer, not a Box!


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Also, for the New “.22 ARC”, please see below in related items!

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One Cartridge, Not a Box: 6mm ARC, loaded by Hornady, USA, using new Hornady brass cases with “HORNADY 6mm ARC” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 105 Grain BTHP, Boat-Tailed Hollow -Point projectile.

For the New .22 ARC see below in related items.

History of the .6mm ARC cartridge:
The 6mm ARC, ARC for Advanced Rifle Cartridge was developed Hornady and introduced by Hornady in 2020 for the AR-15 platform rifle .
Hornady states: “The 6mm ARC does what much larger cartridges can and everything that smaller cartridges can’t.
It delivers substantially better ballistics than the 223 and offers a much lighter gun and ammunition system with 30% less weight than the AR-10 chambered in 7.62×51 or (308 Winchester) system.
Overall, the 6mm ARC delivers optimum all-range performance and barrel life.
The 105 grain projectile has a muzzle velocity or 2750 feet per second and 1979 feet per second at 500 yards, making this a flatter shooter then the 6.5 Grendel.


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