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6mm Norma Benchrest by Lapua, One Cartridge not a Box.


“New Production!”, Mint! Bright! NO Dents! No Scratches, No corrosion! No Junk!

Please note; in the picture: Left : 6mm BR Remington, Right: 6mm B.R. Norma, for size comparison.

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Please note; in the picture on the left at the top of page: Left : 6mm BR Remington, Right: 6mm B.R. Norma, for size comparison .

One Cartridge, not a Box: 6mm Norma Benchrest (also called 6mm Norma Benchrest) by Lapua of Finland, factory manufactured with new brass with a “LAPUA 6mm BR norma” Head Stamp and loaded with aa 105 grain JHPBT (Jacketed Hollow Point Boat-Tail) VLD (Very Low Drag)  projectile. 

History of the 6mm Norma Benchrest Cartridge:
Although these cartridges share the same case dimensions they are considered different calibers due to the different standardized projectile length.
Remington introduced the “6mm Benchrest Remington or 6mm BR Remington” in 1988, but the design goes back to the early 1960s as wildcats were designed by shortening the 308 case and reducing the mouth to accept 6mm projectiles.
Remington designed this cartridge as a bench rest cartridge with a 100 grain projectile JSP, for use in Remington XP-100 pistol.
The 6mm BR Remington is now obsolete, and no longer factory produced by Remington.
Norma introduced the “6mm Norma BR or 6mm Norma Bench Rest” in 1996, and considered it a long range cartridge using a design with a very long 100 grain projectile (very low drag) or (VLD).
As Norma’s OAL (over all Length) was longer than the 6mm Remington Benchrest, Norma had to standardize the caliber in Europe and introduce it as “6mm Norma BR” as a completely different caliber, or new caliber as it had a longer OAL due to the longer projectile than the 6mm Remington Benchrest and a longer rifle chamber , even if the cases were the same dimensions.


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