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7.5 Swiss Revolver by Fiocchi, FMJ, 1 Cartridge, not a box.


OUT OF STOCK, 7.5 Swiss Revolver by Fiocchi, FMJ, One Cartridge. Please Click on Picture or Title for More details.

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Out of Stock, Looking to buy, If your selling e-mail us at [email protected]One Cartridge (not a box): 7.5 Swiss Army Revolver cartridge by Fiocchi of Italy, made with new brass with “G.F/L. 7.5 ORD.SVIZZ Head-Stamp,and 107 grain FMJ (Full Metal jacket) projectile.History of the7.5 Swiss Army, Nagant, Ordnance, Revolver cartridge: The 7.5mm Swiss Army Revolver was introduced in 1882 for the Swiss Army and used only until 1903 by the Swiss Army.   Later it was updated in 1929, and produced until about 1960.The 7.5 Swiss Army Revolver cartridge may still be produced in Italy by Fiocchi Ammunition Company, however it has not been shipped to the USA in years, so it seems to be no longer made, and now obsolete in the USA.

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