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7.62mm Russian Nagant, Russian production, Packages of 14



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7.62mm Russian Nagant, Russian production, Packages of 14


Packages of 14.  great display package for your revolver display.

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Nice collectible package or for shooting.

One Package of 14 Cartridges : 7.62x38Rmm Russian Nagant, revolver cartridges. Russian made in plant # 38,  using Brass cases, with “38 &77” Head-Stamp, Berdan Primed, and a 108  FMSJ (Full Metal Steel Jacketed) projectile. Great Collector package.

History of the 7.62 Russian Nagant  Revolver Cartridge:

The 7.62x38Rmm (R for Rimmed) Russian Nagant  Revolver Cartridge as introduced around 1895 for the Nagant and  Pieper 7 shot revolvers which were used in the Russian Military

This  is a very unusual cartridge as the projectile is inside the case.

The reason for this is the revolver moves the cartridge forward as it is about to be fired, and the collier in the case neck stops gasses from being lost in the gap between the cylinder and the barrel as in most revolvers.

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