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7.7x58mm Japanese, 180gr. JSP “NEW Norma Brass” Box of 20


OUT OF STOCK7.7x58mm Japanese, Arisaka, NEW NORMA Brass, Box of 20, 180 grain Jacketed Soft Point, Click on Picture or Title to view more details.

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Box of 20 Cartridge,  7.7x58mm Japanese “Arisaka”Rifle cartridge. New production. newly made, loaded with “NEW BRASS” and  180 grain, JSP (Jacketed Soft point) projectile. NORMA BRASS!

7.7x58mm Japanese “Arisaka” Cartridge History:  One of the rifle used by the Japanese infantry in World War II.  The 7.7 Japanese “Arisaka” “RIMLESS” cartridge was developed around 1937 for the type 99 bolt-action rifle, plus the Type 97 Tank Machine Gun and Type 99 Light Machine Gun. The 7.7 Japanese “Arisaka”, “rimless” (See below) is the “rimless” version of the 7.7x58mm “Semi-Rimmed”, Type 89,  cartridge developed in 1927,  see the link on that cartridge, in related items below.  100s of thousands of these Type 99 rifles rifle are now in the United States.

Weight 2.20 lbs