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7mm Nambu (30 Carb H/S), One Cartridge not a Box. No Returns.


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PLEASE NOTE: in the size comparison picture on right ( left side is 7mm Nambu, right side is 8mm Nambu.) For shooting or collecting!

One Cartridge, not a box (In slang: one round). Made from new 30 Carbine cases, and loaded to 7mm Nambu specs. This is new ammunition and field tested. If it does not fire, it is your old firearm in need of repair, not the ammunition. No returns.

History of 7mm Nambu Military Cartridge: The 7mm Japanese Nambu was the introduced in 1920 for the “Baby” Nambu semi-auto pistol, and was only available to high rank Japanese officers. Today the 7mm Nambu pistol and older cartridges are a very scare item. Some older 7mm Nambu cartridges will sell for over $75.00.


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