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7mm Secret Service Sniper Cartridge, 1980 “FCOTB 80″H/S


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Please note, in the above left photo, on left is the Federal FCOTB vs right is the Remington 7mm Magnum cartridge.

ONE CARTRIDGE, NOT A BOX!: 1980 Secret Service Sniper Cartridge, a very special 7mm Remington Magnum loading by Federal Cartridge Company for the Secret Service in 1980, using new Federal Brass cases with a special “FCOTB 80″ Head-Stamp, and loaded with the 168 grain HPBT (Hollow Point Boat-Tall) Projectile.

History of the 7mm Secret Service Sniper Cartridge:

The head stamp FCOTB stands for Federal Cartridge Officer Training Beltsville, Maryland and the “80” in the Headstamp stands for 1980.Federal Cartridge Company produced this cartridge in 1980 solely for the United States Secret Service.This cartridge was produced for a very limited time as it was replaced with the 300 Winchester Magnum. (VERY LIMITED)

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