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8mm Lebel French Ordnance Revolver, Boxes of 50 Cartridges SALE!


8mm Lebel French Ordnance Revolver, VOLUME DISCOUNTS as low as $69.95 per BOX! ,

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SALE! as low as $69.95 per Box!

Buy 2 boxes and save $10.00 on the total order!

Buy 3 Boxes and save $30.00 on total order!

1 Box of 50 Cartridges: 8mm Lebel French Ordnance Revolver, or Model 1892 French Ordnance revolver. Newly made in 2016 using reload-able new brass cases and non-corrosive primers and 111 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile.

History of the 8mm Lebel French Ordnance Revolver Cartridge: The 8mm Lebel Revolver cartridge was introduced in France in 1892 for the double-action, 6 shot, French Ordnance 1892 Revolver.

Weight 2.10 lbs