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9mm Largo, Box of 25 cartridges by S&B Spanish Military.


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One Box of 25 Cartridges: 9mm Largo by S&B, (Santa Barbara , Madrid, Spain) with  Berdan Primed, Brass Cases. with Corrosive primers, Full Metal Jacket projectiles. 

History of the 9mm Largo Cartridge:
The 9mm Largo is the Spanish version, or designation, for the Belgium 9mm Bayard long, also called the 9mm Bergmann-Bayard long.
The Spanish military adopted the 9mm Bermann in 1908 and renamed or designated the cartridge as the “9mm Largo”.
The cartridge dimensions are 9x23mm, but this is not the same cartridge as the 9x23mm Winchester
There are many pistols chambered in the 9mm Largo: Bergmann-Bayard M1910, Star Modelo Militar 1920, Astra Modelo 400 (1921) Star Modelo Militar 1921, Star Modelo 1922, Star Modelo A,  Jo-Lo-Ar Pistol Star Modelo AS,  and a few carbines :  Destroyer, Onena, and Ignacio Zubillaga carbines.
NEVER shot a 9x23mm Winchester in a 9mm Largo Pistol, as- the pressure is too high!  The 9x23mm Winchester produces much higher pressure than the 9mm Largo; however, both have the same outside case dimensions.

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