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9×18 Ultra or 9×18 Police, Fiocchi, Boxes of 50cartridges


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One Box of 50 cartridge; 9x18mm Ultra or 9×18 Police produced by Fiochhi of Italy, with ned reloadable brass cases with a “ G.F.L. 9 POLICE” Head-Stamp and loaded with a  100 grain “Truncated” F.M.J (Full Metal Jacketed) 100 grain”Truncated” projectile.

Please note: More of other brand below in related items

History of the 9×18 Utlra cartridge: The 9x18mm Ultra or 9×18 Police was developed in 1936 by Gustav Genschow & Co. under contract for the German Air Force, however it was never adopted at the time.   Much later in 1972 it was used in the Walther PP Super Pistol.The Russian 9×18 Makarov cartridge is based on the 9x18mm Ultra, but not the same!Note the rebated rim on the 9×18 Ultra above picture. Do not use the interchange the 9×18 Ultra with the 9×18 Makarov or use the 9×18 Makarov in the 9×18 Ultra!

Weight 2.10 lbs

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